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Regarding Commision contract

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Hi Experts,

I have one issue with Policy level Commission Contract(ICM) .

As per requirement ,I have to fetch the commission contract Business partner number from Commission tab in one Customized report, However these BP will be created in FS-CD system.

Please let me know How to fetch the Commission tab BP details in FS-PM system or else is there any table to fetch those details .

I have checked in Table : /PM0/ABDCCOMMIS but BP details are not available.



FS-PM Consultant


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As per I am aware, Policy is linked to agent only via commission contract.

If you want to get BP number of Agent, you may have to query ICM box. I do not think you can get this details in FS-PM system.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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Hi Jayan,

the link between the Policy and the Commission Contract is stored in PFO (Portfolio Assignment), not in FS-PM. You'll find it on the system on which ICM is running on. Then, you can read the Commission Contract from ICM to get the Business Parter assigned to the Commission Contract.

Check method /PM0/IF_ABT_PFO_READ_BADI~LOAD_PFO of class /PM0/CL_ABT_PFO_READ_BADI for an example of how FS-PM reads the assignment (is uses RFC function module  PFO_RFC_GET_ASSIGNED_GO_00IP).

CACS_GET_DETAILS_OF_CONTRACTS will give you the data of the commission contracts.

Simplest option though is to let FS-PM load the policy and then it will do all this work for you.

Best regards,