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Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP) for Policy Management

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I'd like to ask for guidance about how do Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP) for Policy Management is working.

1. Does FPP works like the Logistics Data Extraction (LBWE), which is necessary for SAP BW delta extraction?

2. Is there any recommendation for which Parallel Processing Objects to use and the Interval Distribution to use (Manual/Automatic)?

3. How do we configure FPP to run automatically? I read that we need to use function modules within /PM0/FPPEXT package.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,



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Hi Donnie,

FPP is used for multiple batch processes in FS-PM. You can find a detailed description in Chapter 4.6.1 "Description of Batch Runs Implemented in FPP" in the FS-PM Operations Guide.

To 1.: I don't know the Logistics solution. Main use case of FPP is for updating the policies on a regular basis but there are also BI extraction runs for FS-PM built on FPP.

To 2.: I'd say use automatic unless you have a good reason to go manual.

To 3.: You're on the right track! There is also information on this in the Operations Guide including a sample program. The 5.3 delivery also includes some programs for this. Check out /PM0/FPP_EXT_*.

Best regards,