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A common issue I see at every SAP Insurance implementation is that the customer, and sometimes the consultants, are not aware of the plethora of options available for real-time integration into FS-CD.  So the next time you hear "that's not possible," consider the following:

  1. SAP provides several connectors that allow Java, .NET, and C/C++ applications to directly call remote-enabled function modules.  Read more at
  2. Nearly every major integration layer platform provides connectivity to SAP remote-enabled function modules, including IBM's Websphere suite, TIBCO, and many others.
  3. SAP provides remote-enabled function modules for nearly everything in SAP.  There are over 34,000 of them across many modules (take a look at database table TFDIR and set MODE = 'R').  The "bread and butter" services for FS-CD include:
    • ISCD_PARTNER_MAINTAIN - a composite RFC for reading and maintaining nearly every data attribute on a business partner.  Also take a look at FKK_BUPA_MAINTAIN_SINGLE and FKK_BUPA_READ_SINGLE.
    • ISCD_ACCOUNT_MAINTAIN - a composite RFC for reading and maintaining nearly every data attribute on a contract account.
    • FSCD_INSOBJECT_MAINTAIN - a composite RFC for reading and maintaining nearly every data attribute on an insurance object.
    • ISCD_SCPOS_MAINTAIN - a composite RFC for posting transactions in FS-CD.

Of course, not every process requires real-time integration.  For example, if a customer is printing and mailing claim checks once a day in FS-CD, then there is no need to build a real-time integration to post claim disbursements since those disbursements will simply sit in FS-CD until the payment run is executed.  Each situation must be approached differently, but it's important to remember that real-time integration is always an option.

Jon Gilman is the founder of Clear Software, a company focused on providing highly intuitive, cloud-based accounting applications that transform traditional back-office processes into an efficient and enjoyable user experience. Their main product is ClearUI, a cloud application that exposes SAP's Contract Accounting (FI-CA) functionality in a simple and easy-to-use format. It is seamlessly integrated with SAP's industry solutions for high volume billing including insurance (FS-CD), public sector (PS-CD), utilities (IS-U), and media (RM-CA).  For more information, visit