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This webinar is part of our enhanced Go-To-Market Enablement program for FSI partners with a  new series of weekly sessions . Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about driving your business with SAP Financial Services solutions!

Event Details

Title: Liquidity Risk Management @HANA Update

Speaker: Thomas Schmale, Global Solution Manager

Target Audience: Webinar tailored for executives and customer-facing sales and pre-sales teams.


In this session, part of the “Analytics for Risk and Compliance” series, you will get an update about SAP’s Liquidity Risk Management solution powered by HANA. Subsequent sessions will address key subtopics in this solution domain (see list at the bottom).

Join us to gain insight into the liquidity risk challenge for financial services institutions, and how SAPs LRM@HANA solution will continue to address this challenge and help you grow your business.


·         Challenges in Liquidity Risk Management

·         What is HANA?

·         LRM@HANA Overview

·         Detailed Scope of LRM@HANA

·         Demo

·         Outlook

Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues who may benefit from attending. We hope that you will join us for this session. For any questions, please contact

Topics covered in upcoming webinars part of this series:

1.     Analytics for Risk and Compliance: Overview (this session)

1.1.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance I: Intraday Liquidity Management (LMS)

1.2.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance II: Liquidity Risk Management (LRM @HANA, LRM/LMS Integration)

1.3.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance III: Basel III / Credit Risk

1.4.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance IV: Fraud Management and Compliance

1.5.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance V: Enterprise Risk Reporting (EER 2.0)