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Reverse Document Posted in QA11

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For a inspetion lot, I have several material documents that were generated in QA11 originated by the launch of Return Delivery.

To reverse the documents, SAP has said to implement the note 174842 but when running the program based on the inspetion lot, all documents associated with the inspetion lot are reversed.

Does anyone know if it is possible to reverse a specific document from the inspetion lot? For examplo to inspetion lot 40000000000 i have the material documents 5100000000, 5100000001 and 5100000002. If i execute the program based on the inspetion lot, the three documents are reversed. My question is if is possible for example reverse only the document 5100000000 for the inspetion lot 40000000000.


Best Regards,

António Pinho


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Hi Antonio,

According the SAP documentation (and my tests) the program indeed reverses all the material documents generated by the UD so only an individual reversal of a material document is not possible.

You could mitigate by making a material booking with using movement types 322/349 so the material is back into quality stock again, although the backdraft is that you miss the opportunity to set another UD with a new material document related to the inspection lot (but at least the material is back into Quality stock).



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Hi HermanAlkemade,

This solution does not work for me because I have a inspection lot with 2.000 units, and then I issued a quantity of 40 units in Return Delivery (in QA11), divided into three documents (with quantities of 10, 20, and 30 respectively), which generated three 122 movements.

Now I need to reverse the 122 movement that has a quantity of 20, but it is not possible. It can only be done with the SAP note, but when executed, it reverses all three movements.

If i execute the movement 322 or 349, the stock entry is never associated with the inspection lot for which the 122 was issued.

Tanks for the help but in this case does not solve my problem.

Best regards,