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Waitinglist Functionality

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We have some questions about waiting list applications:

1. In the documents it is written that for events, waiting list booking must always be done manually. We set in the customization that standart waiting list level is E and we give enough capacity percentage. But we could not make a wating list booking of an E(event) through R3 module booking.

When we want to create a waiting list booking in the level of SM The systems shows the SM as booked in the waiting list but it creates a relationship between E and ST (A 025) as if the student is attending that event and it can be seen in student's time table. But SM is still in waiting list and the waiting list of the E cannot be viewed in any case.

2. What is the logic of preventing waiting list booking with the level of E in the portal course registration?

3. Is it possible to change the booking priority of the student in the portal as in the R3 module booking? and How booking priority of the student is determined on the portal side?

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When system creates ST-E (A 025) relationship, It also maintains Weighting Percentage(PROZT). That decides whether event is booked or in waiting list.

Prabhat Singh

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Hi Saracoga,

1.We can do the waitlist booking through R3, for this reduce the capacity to 1, from 2nd booking onwards it will booked as waitlist booking.

2. create E with capacity 1, from second registration onwards from portal also you can go ahead with waitlist booking

3. we cant change the booking priority of student from portal, we can do the same from R3.

Please let me know still if you have any queries.


Arani Bhaskar