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Transaction PIQCOPY2 - Create Event Offering From Template, is erratic

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Dear forum

My client needs to use the above transaction to copy academic events from one year/session to the next. The client uses business events with irregular schedules only. When we use that transaction to copy these events, it creates events in the next year/session with regular schedule using the irregular schedule as a source. For each instance in the irregular schedule it creates a scheduling parameter and seems to use that for generating dates.

In the source event, I have assigned a room and an instructor (resources) to each occurrence. The copy function seems to ignore the instructor and create duplicate records for the room int he target event.

All in all it behaves erratically and this means that the events created need to be corrected/maintained by the user, which is no help really.

Does anyone know if:

1. we can copy business events with irregular schedule to business events with irregular schedule (just roll forward the dates as it does currently)?


2. if there is a way to fix this erratic result of the transaction?

Preferred approach is 1

Thanks in advance



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Hello forum

Any comments / ideas on the above?

I have searched SAP notes and although some touch on the subject, there is nothing referring to the fact that for events with an irregular schedule which contain multiple instances/occurrences and resources the system automatically creates an event with a regular schedule for each occurrence and ignores/messes up the resources.

Is there a way to copy the events exactly as they are and apply only the roll forward of the dates (which it already does)?

Thanks again


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Hello Andreas,

When PIQCOPY2 is run, it works this way: first, based on the event (regular/irregular schedule), a pattern is decided. Based on the pattern, it creates regular schedule events. Eventhough you find the new event/copied event being a regular schedule event, it will have only those few entries which was there in your irregular schedule event.

This is mainly meant for events recurring in each semester. Irregular schedule events would mean any adhoc events and copying them might not make sense. Hence PIQCOPY2 is designed this way.