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Student ID card along with photo

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I have to create Student ID card Smart Form consisting of Student details along with the Student photo.

I am getting the student details, But how can I attach the photo to the ID Card Smart form.

I have checked for the form class ISHERCMSF_STUDENT, But it is not available in my system.

By using function module HRIQ_IMAGE_URL_GET I can able to get the URL of the Photo, But I could not able to use the function module

HRIQ_IMAGE_SHOW because of the parameter 'HANDLE' . Which value i have to paas to that HANDLE parameter to show the image?.

If this function module works out, then how can I procede with in a smartform.

Are there any alternatives to print the Student ID Card along with photo.

Can anyone help me regarding this.

Thanks and Regards

Meshack Appikatla.


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I don't think you can achive this using Smart forms. You can do this easily using Adobe form. All you have to do is get raw data from URL and pass it to graphics.

Prabhat Singh