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Structural Authorization Performance Issue

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It's well known that, if a user is assigned a structural profile that reads a great deal of objects for its given evaluation path(s), the performance problem occurs.

There are four programs to be run (RHBAS00, RHBAS02, RHBAS03 and RHBAS04) to optimize this performance drop at runtime (through maintaining table T77UU - also known indexing table).

When you run RHBAS00 reguarly, since SAP writes user's structural authorization data (also labeled as indexes) to SAP-Memory, you can get away with these performance problems.

However, for this solution, I do have two doubts:

1- I am wondering if running RHBAS00 regulary (once in two days) would be a burden for system resources. How does actually "indexing" affect system resources?

2- During the times university employees excessively work with newly created objects (for example, assessment creations for midterm and final exams, event planning etc), "indexing" wouldn't help users at all. Quite opposite, it would be a kind of disappointment since at these times users need to work newly created objects (sections, events, assessments etc).

At this point, I want to ask whether I can get over performance issue using BAdI: HRBAS00_STRUAUTH?

At the link HRBAS00_STRUAUTH (BAdI: Structural Authorization) - Authorizations for Human Resources - SAP Library , for the method CHECK_AUTHORITY_VIEW, it says "This implementation should reduce runtime problems if this user should be granted authorization for large structures."

Has anybody tried it? Does it really reduce runtime problems hence reduce performance problems?

Thanks in advance


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  Are you sure the problem is structural authorization? My clients faced performance issue as well. We suggested to  re-org/index database table most used table for example HRP1001 everyday and all database table weekly.It improved significantly.

They have multiple application servers in production system. Load balancer is helping to distribute the load between servers.I will suggest if you have multiple application servers. Create user groups and route the traffic using user group or load balancer.


Prabhat Singh

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Hi Singh,

Thank you for taking your time to reply.

Our client's production system has multiple application servers, too. However, that's not the case.

I'm pretty sure it's due to structural authorization. As when I unassign structural profile from the user, it gets back to its normal performance. It's known that if large amount of objects involved in a structural profile (through evaluation path(s)), performance problems begins to arise.

I really wonder if the BAdI I mentioned above will make a difference...