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shared memory

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how are other universities using shared memory?

We recently decided to use it for our transfer equivalency web page where we use drop-downs to select US states and colleges within each state. Using shared memory helped populate these drop-downs much quicker than using the RFC to SAP databases.

We could not use the memory to do the same for all the subjects for each EO (college) because the size would be too great to store.

One of our challenges is how to refresh the shared memory from time to time. (as new subjects are added daily) The application servers used by our website are dialogue servers where we can't submit a background job to refresh the data. We have 4 servers that I manually have to log into and run a job to update the shared memory. Our basis team doesn't usually refresh the application servers unless there is a problem or a service upgrade.

Does anyone have a better way of doing something like this?

Thank you.


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Hi Mike,

I prepared a documentation on Shared memory. I will send you that tonight. Why you are not using ASP shared memory? or everyday at first hit generate shared memory calling interface method if_shm_build_instance~build. to keep track of when the shared memory generated create a Z table and maintain last generated date.


Prabhat Singh