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Settlement Rule for Plant Maintenance (PM) excludes Fund & other objects

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We are a University using Funds Management and we are trying to find a way to execute settlement to the correct receiver fund without having to enter the receiver fund on the account assignment screen in PM. The Settlement Rule screen in PM does not provide a field to enter the receiver fund, nor does it include fields for other public sector objects, i.e. functional area, funds center, commitment item, etc. Unfortunately, our account structure was set up a la carte style meaning that there is not an easy derivation of work order and fund. In addition, there are no simple derivation rules that will work for fund and cost center, fund and internal order, etc. Does anyone have an idea on an acceptable solution to our issue short of requesting that SAP change the settlement rule screen to include fields for fund and the other related public sector objects and short of changing our accounting structure (not really a viable option)? Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Jennifer Clingenpeel and Cinnamon Gallatin


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I am not an FM or PM expert by any sense, but I did ask a colleague about this, and I received the following answer:

There is a checkbox in the Settlement Profile that allows you to inherit the account assignment from the Fund/Fund Center. I have attached a screenshot. I hope that is what you were looking for. Look at the lower left of the screenshot.


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Unfortunately, we have very few fund derivation rules set up, so we need the flexibility to combine various orders with various funds - cafeteria style if you will.