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SAP Campus Management Issues

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Hi all,

We are facing the following problems:

A. We have different programs of study. However, these can contain a common module. For example, MBCE-701 can be a part of MBA Power Management as well as MBA Oil & Gas. While the module may be the same, it is appraised by different people. While doing the module appraisal, the list of students displayed is of all the students who have booked the module. Is there any way of limiting this list by pogram of study?

B. Is it possible to import final student grades into the Module appraisal from an Excel file? For example, if I have all results in Excel, can I import these into the SAP system through some process?

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Develop a customized report thats suits your requirements and there is no issue in uploading the grades in Module appraisal.

You can upload the grades for the appraisal using an excel sheet or text-tab delimited file .

Its always better not to share the modules it will be a bit complicated .



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Do these students all have the same instructor? If so, why would the grading be any different based upon their Program of Study?

If they have different instructors and graders, then I would suggest that you actually use different Event Packages (sections) for their bookings. Then, you can use the delivered grading user interfaces (such as Grading Self-Service) which allow for section-specific grade lists.

Also, there are function modules available for creating appraisal data, and of course you could then uload via an Excel file. Again, I would ask, what functionality does the Excel file offer that makes it preferred over Grading Self-Service?


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Hi Michael


No they don't have the same instructor, actually we have different Program of Study with 3 different locations were we have the same module. So if we go for module appraisal how can we identify that the student belongs to a particular location and program of study.

Michael i would be very thankful to you if i could get some document on using the event packages and uploading of final grades for individual students.


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You definitely need to set these up as separate Events and Event Packages under the module. Each student will then register for a specific event package (section) based upon their campus/location. At that point, the delivered grading interfaces should all be usable to achieve your goal. Grading is done by Event Package, so each instructor would then see only his/her students.


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Hi Sudanshu,

Continuing with the thread, it would be good if you have separate modules(SM) for different programs of study (SC).Taking your example, SC MBA Power Management as well as MBA Oil & Gas might have the same SM. However there is a very high possibility that the features of the SM for different SCs are different. As you have stated one would be the appraisers. Other differences would be the credits and for all you know even if the features are the same, the university may decide to change the name of the SM for one SC in future. In such a case you can address the issue better if you have separate SMs.You need to look at the various possibilities that would arise in the long run.

Coming to grading, upgrading the grades seems to be a wonderful idea. But on careful consideration, if you look at it, upgrading involves twice the work as entering data directly into PIQSMFU or using the interface. In uploading you have to first make entries in an Excel file and then do another action of uploading. Since we don’t have the uploading feature, you will have to create probably an ABAP program. On the other hand direct entry into PIQSMFU is a one time activity. The university has only to figure out the authorization part.

Do revert if you find a better solution since the scenario while you are working at the clients’ site might be completely different and complicated than the theory which we are propagating.