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SAP Campus Management in Australia?

Former Member
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Why is SAP not promoting Campus Management in Australia and why are Univerisities in Australia not considering SAP Campus management?


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I don't think SAP is promoting it at all...

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi John,

It would be interesting to see if SAP SLcM (Student Lifecycle Management) would fit the Australian (higher) education model. Looking at the flexibility of the solution (customers from (south and North) America to Europe, Middle East and Asia) I have the feeling there definitly will be a fit.

I do not know your relation to Australian universities but let me know how I can help you out (in terms of information and maybe even promotion?!).

If you drop me an e-mail (rob DOT jonkers AT s a p DOT co m) we can have a chat about this subject/message and I can share some more information about the solution.

Best regards,


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Hi John,

SAP would have liked to promote SAP SLCM also on Australian market. Unfortunately in the past years the market did not offer a realistic chance. The reason therefore was not the solution SAP SLCM and its functionalities. As Rob already mentioned SAP assumes that SAP SLCM covers the requirements of an Australian University.

It would be very interesting to get in contact with you.

Please contact either Rob or me. (silke dot jakobi at sap dot com)