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Research Help needed

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I am currently in the final phase of my dissertation and looking to finish my research at facilities that are using SAP and struggling with getting their full ROI or have implemented and were not able to achieve ROI in the original time frame. My research is on what factors contributed to not achieving ROI and how they could potentially be mitigated when rolling out SAP in other locations or any other type of business solution. Is there a business owner out there that would be willing to allow me to conduct my case study at their location? My original employer when I started my dissertation was willing to allow me, my current employer does not allow anyone to use work examples for school.


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Hi Angelina campbell,

This may not be the right platform for asking such requests to help you with your research. Many employer even wants to keep their SAP work details in discreet unless required to publish, probably mostly because of Company policies. Also many organisations have policies against such unauthorised access to their SAP systems as per their Privacy policy. Maybe the details that you need is already available in Google. For now SAP provides free learning via openSAP & probably you can try searching for a trial setup or IDES version with help from small level SAP training centers by paying some fees