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Hi All,

I have a question regarding to years of study our customer offers for their students. Our customer wants us to implement the SLCM for their school which provides students with 8 years of study as a primary school. Students are not allowed to take courses from upper level until s/he completes his/her current year of study.

Here, we think about two different scenarios.

-First, defining one program including 8 stages, and condition of getting upper stage is to complete all previous stages until that stage.

-Second, defining 8 programs of study, and condition of registering for a program is to complete all previous programs.

Could you make me a suggestion regarding to which way is better with its pros and cons?

Thanks in advance.


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I would reccomend you the first option. One program of study, with 8 stages. And you can run a Stage Audit at the end of each year to check if the student has fulfilled the previous requisites. In that case you will have ONE PROGRAM, one initial registration to that program, and 7 registration segments for the subsequent years, but all of them for the same program.