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PIQSMFU:How difference appraisals tab and different appraisal template tab

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I have question about appraisals

T-code : PIQSMFU

Enter - SM Code

- Year

- Semester

- Event packate

and Search Student

I booked ST to the same SM

some ST show in Appraisals tab and can assign grade

and some ST don't show in this tab only show in Different appraisals template tab

can't assign grade to ST.

At the SM assign appraisals template =0001

How difference appraisals tab and different appraisal template tab. If the data incorrect please suggestion

Thanks you

Best Regards



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Hi Kanya,

The reason which some students are displayed in different appraisal template tab and some of them are displayed in appraisals tab is the modification of appraisal template. I mean, you have changed something in appraisal template "001" for example you added a new appraisal type to the appraisal template or dropped an appraisal type from that. The students booked the module with an older template, you see the students on different appraisal template tab, and the others booked with the actual appraisal template, you see them in appraisal tab.

When you click two times on the appraisal type in the different appraisal template, below there is opened the appraisal types and you can give grade for each appraisal type.

I hope, this would be answer your question.

Best Regards,

Ayse S.

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Hi Ayse s.

Thank you so much for your advise your answer is clear.

I simulate follow on your scenario test and the output

same you advised.Someone change apprisal template when ST booking on old

apprisal template and then assign grade to module. Then change new apprisal template

and book ST to this module. I search at PIQSMFU old ST appear

at difference template and new Student appear in appraisal template and can assing grade

at difference template tab.

Best regards,