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Online grading

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Hi everyone,

As we know SAP deliver online grading for module and we have following requirements.

for certain module faculty can give grade as follows.

for example)

A+      A       A-     B+     B       .... F

20%   10%  10%  20%  10%       10%

and here is my question.

Can i use SAP standard on-line grading program and can i show current result to faculty



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what is the question?The grade you can give depends on the grade scale assigned to the module. Regarding the grade scale you have the complete flexibility and include all grades you would like. Grade scales are maintained in customizing.



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Hello Silke,

you misunderstand my question.

in some university, we have some rules for example

professor can give A+ 10%

                              A    20%


and he also want to see on-line grading screen and want to know current status.

I want to know is there any site who do in this way.


jin dal

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Hello Song: the following document should guide you through the standard solution. We don't use it so I can't much more than this:



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Hi Jin Dal,

Please take a look at answer from Michael Hobbins. He is referring to the right document.

However beside the onlince grading service available in the format Webdynpro we are currently developing a Fiori App to enter grades. It will be delivered within the next two month and does provide option to professors and instructors to enter grades for the courses, tutorials, exams they are assigned to.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


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Hi Jin dal,

Usually when the professor opens the online grading application, any grade given already is shown to him/her. If there was no grading done already, the grade value shown is blank.

The weightage is shown under the respective column based on the appraisal template configured for the module.



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Hi Jin Dal, if my understanding is correct, you need to show the current results to the faculty before/after he can assign marks? If that's the case, you need to develop a report to fetch the current grades and status.