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Norma flow of Campus Management

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Hi CM Masters,

I am new in Campus Management.

Please tell me the normal flow of CM.

I have some understanding..please correct me..

1-Creation of Org Unit

2-Attach Program of Study with org unit.

3-Attach Modules with Program of study.

4 Create Student

5 Admission of student.

administration of Student.

7 Module Booking.

8 Assesment.

9 Progression.


11-Degree Audit.

12 Alumni.

Please tell me if any steps I am missing. And if you people have any documentation where I can found that what process is necessary before going from one steps to another it would help me.

Thanks a lot


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Hi Ankita,

1.Creating academic calendar and assign it to the Org unit is also one of the steps to be done after point 1 .

2.Event Planning and Booking is required before the assessment process.



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Thanks gaja...

I booked the module for students (but not events). Is it necessary to book the events for module.

After this I attached one assesment type with the module , but when I am going to shdule the assesment its giving message that please select a valid academic year.

Please tell me the assesment process in detail.

Thanks a lot..


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Hi Ankita,

For assesment process , module booking plays a very important role

When Sessions Of Offering are assigned to the module , grading can be done .

<b>Event Planning and booking :</b>

Event Planning is more useful when you have two classes (A ,B )


Decision Making(DM) is the Module and two categories of section having the same module , resouces etc .

Here comes the Event Planning : Where u can define the timings for the classes , the resource , location etc .

Event Planning is done for Module DM where the template differs as DM_A ,DM_B .

Then you can book the students for that particular event DM_A ,DM_B .

So easily you can differentiate the student belonging to the class DM_A or DM_B provided its already known that the partcular module is offered in that particular Sessions Of Offering .


Gajalakshmi .

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Hi Ankita,

Adding to the above , check for the dates of the module , assesment ,the calendar dates for that year and session .

Assigning the assesment to the module is correct . Mostly dates will cause problem . Try scheduling , after booking two or more students to the assessment itself.



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Thanks gajalakhmi and Vinod,

I am very new in CM. I am not getting what to do actualy after module booking :(.

Can u tell me the step by step what to do after module booking to complete teh assesment process so that I would be able to re-register student for next session.

I tried from my side but while scheduling the assesment it's saying to choose valid academic year.

So without sheduling the assesment I Entered in the appraisal dialogue. But I am not able to enter the assesment grade.

If u people have any document then please upload it.

Please help......



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Hi Ankita,

Send the assesment screenshot with msg , it might be helpful for us to solve the issue .

Have u booked the students to the module and try..the same students booking to the assesment .

How can you enter the assesment grade ?? Iam not understanding it.

R u doing a appraisal or an assesment ? What is the transaction you are using .



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Hi Gaja...

Can u share your messenger ID so that we can talk...then it will be easy for me to explian my problem...



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Hi alll...

Please tell me the process from module assesment to module grading...

thanks in advance

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Hi Ankita ,

In module assesment , the students are booked to the assement and then

module grading is done .

<b><u>Module grading :</u></b>

<b>Prerequsites :</b>

1.Create an academic structure (Eg. SC-->CG(Term 1)-->SM1,SM2(Modules)

2.Assign the Academic calendar

3.Do admission , registration to the students for the Term1

Then follow the process of booking the students to the module . Assign the sessions offering to the module before booking the students to the module .

Go to piqsmfu and enter the grades of the students who belongs to the particular module .

Check whether the academic calendar is properly assigned to O ,SC .

Hope this might help you.



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Hi Gaja..

Thanks a lot,

I tried as u suggested, I am able to put the grades to the students, after then I clicked the check box. Now its status in Module appraisal is 2. But when I am going in transaction "Edit assesment processes" students status is still open there. and his grades is not showing there as I given in module appriasal. As well as please tell me how to put appraisar remarks??

Thanks Gaja...


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Hi Ankit,

Put the remarks for each student in piqsmfu transaction itself for that particular module .

After giving the grades , a field in the layout will be available named "Remarks" (where u have defined the grades ) .

Check it out!!!


Gajalakshmi .