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Need for Assessment

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Dear SLCM Gurus,

Is it necessary to have to configure assessment for Degree Audit to run successfully. As far as my knowledge goes it is not? My client is a training academy who want to run degree audit functionality just to check whether students have fullfilled some rules or not.

What is the mesaage class to be put in rule container?

Thanks in advance.


Vinod Kumar


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Vinod,

It is not necessary. If you link an (degree) audit to an assessment process, the audit is called u201CProcess-dependentu201D. There are different transactions to run a process-dependent or process-independent audit. With the following trx you can check on degree audit rules without an assessment object/process: PIQAUD_MP_CS - Audit (Process-Independent).

In regards to the message class It depends on what you would like to 'say' to the user. Most of the time you use the message class in the module booking process to create certain messages with particular booking rules. You can attach users to a message class to override rules. (also see IMG: Student Lifecycle Management\Processes in Student Lifecycle Management\General Settings\Rules\Define Messages for Message Control)