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Module appraisal

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Hi all,

I have created an assessment for module completion. Students are registered for scheduled assessment.

Assessment is scheduled om 20 March at 1200Hrs (say).

Do we treat this assessment as an academic event with list of attendee. Can we generate any report for this event on day basis?

And now how to record grades for students after the examination is over.




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Perhaps there is some confusion about assessments, exams, and appraisals. Let me try to clear it up:

Setup steps:

1) Create a module.

2) Create an Assessment Object for the Module from the Module Catalog:

- Audit Type 'Module Completion'

- Assessment Category 'Examinations'

- Assessment Data MUST HAVE an Appraisal Type assigned

3) Go to PIQEVALM and create a scheduled assessment. Make sure you set the session of offering.

Now, for each student:

- Book the module

- In PIQEVALREGM, there is a tab 'Expected Processes'. There you will see the module bookings. Use that to Create an Open Assessment Process for the student.

- You don't 'grade' the assessment directly. You simply enter a grade using normal Module Appraisal (PIQSMFU). Whatever grade you enter for the Appraisal Type (which is part of your Appraisal template) that you defined in step 2 above will then be transferred to the assessment.

- In PIQEVALREGM, you can view the appraisal data, and also set the assessment process to 'complete'.

Hopefully that clears things up for you.


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Hi Michael,

1 & 2) For step 1 & 2

I have created a module & assessment objects are exactly the same as you told.

- Audit Type 'Module Completion'

- Assessment Category 'Examinations'

- Assessment Data Appraisal Type 'Course Exam' (Appraisal templates are created)

3) In PIQEVALM a scheduled assessment is created with the session of offering.

- Module booking is done

- In PIQEVALREGM, Created an Open Assessment Process for the student.

My problem starts here

- Now using normal Module Appraisal (PIQSMFU) I want to grade the students which will be recorded for assessment. But here I am unable to do.

I am missing the field Appraisar here.


Do we treat this schedule assessment as an academic event with list of attendee. If so can we generate daily report for this?



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Could you elaborate the steps of entering grade in PIQSMFU.

I think all my settings are ok.

I am working on an assessment for module completion. In assessment I have given two exam profiles:

1. Written exam (2 Hrs.)

2. Oral Exam (30 Min)

Now I have generated one schedule assessment for with exam profile Written exam & also assigned activities to person.

The total no. of students are 10, so further 10 schedule assessment are generated with exam profile Oral exam.



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Hi Ravi,


1) Enter Module, academic year and session with booking status 'booked'

2) Click on students pushbutton to select the students. Students who have booked for the academic session will appear.

3) From the appraisal template select appraisal type and enter the grade for all appraisal elements and click on calculate. System will give you the final grade of the appraisal.

4) Select ' completed ' indicator once you have entered the grade and save.

5) You can also enter the graded credits in the same layout.

Hope it helps



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Hi Ravi,

Further to the above, you can assign the appraiser to the module via relationship 518.



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Thanks Sravan,

In our module assessment we have two exam profiles Written exam & oral exam. Now when we create schdule assessment, it has only one exam profile. I have created one schedule assessment for written exam. It is a group exam for all students. Now for the same assessment I have generated 10 schedule assessment with exam profile oral exam for 10 student. So now we have 1+10 schedule assessment.

when we go to the assessment process, we can not book students to the schedule assessment for oral exam profile because they are already booked in 1st schedule assessment.

In module appraisal we have to record grades for both exams 60% written & 40% oral.

How we will map this case. Is that advisable to create two assessment for one module.



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Hi Ravi,

The following steps may help u...

1) create an assessment for the module with two exam profiles oral and written, as indicated by u

2) Create two schedule assessments for oral and written exams

3) Register the student for the assessment ( not schedule assessment ) which means that the student is registered for oral and written exams at once.

4) Do the appraisal for the module ( u must define two appraisal types oral and written exams with weightage as u specified )

5) Do the appraisal for each appraisal type. Weightage at each appraisal type is carried to the final appraisal.

If you want control over the registration of students for exams, you need to define exam plans and implement BADI "HRPIQ00EVOB_REGCHECK"



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Hi Sravan,

I tried, its working .