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Mass Delete Requirement Profile

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Hi all,

I created the wrong requirement profile for each student. Is there any way to delete all the requirement profiles in one time? Right now I can only delete it one by one via BSP.



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Hi Phant,

I don't understand what do you mean by Requirement Profile, but I use HRIQ_REGISTRATION_DELETE_MASS and it deletes all the CS object, Study Sessions, and other kind of info.

Be carefull using this Function, i suggest that you create an example.

Best Regards,

Cesar Felce

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Hello Phant,

You cannot perform a mass delete via txn PIQAUD_MP_CS. However, you could probably write a program to do it, using the following functions:

(1) HRIQ_STUDENT_STUDIES_GET: Get study objects for student.

(2) HRIQ_READ_INFTY: Get infotype 1777 (requirement profile) records for each study.

(3) HRIQ_AUDFORMS_DELETE: Delete requirement profiles based on requirement profile ID values in IT1777 records.