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Invoice grouped by Account(contract objects)

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We are working with Campus management and are able to generate Invoice. We are using different invoice types and for one of them we want to group the documents by the Account (contract objects).

In other words:

If document A en B are assigned to Account 1 and Document C en D to Account 2. The we want document A en B on Invoice 1 and document C en D on invoice 2.

We are using transaction FMCAM2

Is this possible? If you how / where do we have to look?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Edited by: L. Molenaar on Aug 6, 2008 2:03 PM


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Hello L. Molenaar,

You can assign an invoice type per contract object.

If I understand you correctly for example:

You have student 1 --> with 1 contract account and 2 contract objects.

You have created per contract objects a few documents. Then you can create an invoice for contract object 1 and document A & B with for example invoice type 01 (transaction PSOBWORK). For the other contract object you should define another invoice type.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

Kind regards,

Steve de Klonia

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Hello Steve de Klonia

This is partly what Iu2019m looking for, it could have worked fine. But was also looking for a way to make further grouping on fields. After contacting a few FI/CA specialists I found what I was looking for. Still thanks a lot for your answer, Iu2019ve rewarded a few points for it!

In the transaction FQEVENTS you have event 600. In this you can group documents (standard function module is FMCA_EVENT_0600)

In there if you determent the invoice type (you have to retrieve it yourself). If you have the invoice type and you know by which field or fields it has to group you can concatenate the fields and write them away (see event for more explanation how and the fields you could use).

We made a table where we can maintain the fields where we have to group by for each invoice type. This way if a customer want to group by another field it is a matter of 10 min. of customizing including a cup of coffee

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards

Lukas Molenaar