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In Student File:Status Tab Not Updating Automatically

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Hi all

When I create a Student, and Create Admission application and create admission, Every time status should be updated automatically. In one system it is updating Correctly, But in Other system it is not updating.

In the other system it is updating only when I create student with the status 'Account Data Not Updated'. Later Statuses like (Admitted Applicant: ADMA, Applicant: ADMU,Attending: CS01,Student: CS03) are not updating.

Can any one tell me where I have to Configure it.

I think because of it the Student Header Status is also not displaying.

My developer debugged and found that, As there are no Active Status Indicators, Student Header Status is coming empty.

Also he found that the Status Infotype 1728 is Empty in one System and filled in other System.

I have checked both the systems, But I didn't find any difference.

I have been struggling for past One week for the same.

Please do the Helpful.

Thanks and Regards




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Please refer the below the text which migt help you:

BAdI: Status Display in the Student Data Header

You can use this BAdI to control the setup of the status line in the student file and student master data header.

If you do not create an implementation, the system uses the SAP default implementation. In this implementation, the system first determines all active statuses of the student and the study objects assigned to him/her. Then it compresses the data records as follows:

If several data records exist for one status of an object (student or study) in different sessions, the system displays only one status record in the status header.

If the same status exists for several objects, the system determines the number of statuses and displays this number behind the respective status.

Apart from the student status, the standard system displays the student group and the student's part-time and full-time status in the status line.

You can format the status line according to your own requirements by creating a user-defined implementation of the method BUILD_STATUS_LINE. We recommend you use the standard implementation as a template.

and also:

The system uses the method SET_STATIND and specific source information to determine status indicators and set the relevant specification. Status indicators can have the status active (activate status indicator) or inactive (deactivate status indicator). The business add-in HRPIQ00_SET_STATIND can be used in every SLCM activity that sets status indicators. The system can only set status indicators if the business add-in has an active implementation. Manual maintenance of status indicators in the Student File is not affected by this restriction.


Vinod Kumar

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Hi Vinod

Thanks for help.

I have activated the BADI HRPIQ00_SET_STATIND for filter ADO1(Create Adm Appl) and AD05(Execute Adm).

But that BADI is not triggering when I create admission application or when Creating Admission.

The Status tab is still not updating.

As per my knowledge when ever we create admission application, or create admission like things, the status tab in student file updates automatically depending on some configuration. Because in the other system (which i told in my earlier Question)in which statuses are updating correctly,there is no active Implementation of the BADI HRPIQ00_SET_STATIND,but still Statuses in this System are Updating Correctly.

As of now I have Implemented the BADI HRPIQ00_SET_STATIND with filter AD01 AD05. I didnt write any code in it.

When I put a Break point in the method SET_STATIND of the active Implemented BADI, that break point is not triggering when i create adm appl and when creating admission. So can you tell me how to proceed further to write any code in that.

Are there any standard templates of code available to activate and deactivate the statuses in the method SET_STATIND.

Or any other Config issues because of which the updation of statuses are effecting.

Issue Reg: Status Line

I have seen the BADI HRPIQ00_ST_HD_HS and Implemented the method BUILD_STATUS_LINE for the Custom status.

As you told to use standard Implementation to get the status line, Can you tell me where i could find the standard Implementation to build the status line.

Also to write a custom program to build the status line, Infotype for stauses 1728 is not updating. So I cannot able to fetch the data of statuses from the Infotypes.

Thanks in advance.



Edited by: Avinash on Dec 4, 2009 8:03 AM

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Dear Avinash,

When you change student master data, it logs these changes into info-type no 1701(status attributes). Could you check whether this info-type is fetching information or not?

Check the following function modules too:


Hope it will resolve your issue.


Vinod Kumar

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Hi Avinash,

We can Activate / Deactivate the different standard stauts of Students in the below configuration.

Student Lifecycle Management -> Master Data in Student Lifecycle Management -> Students -> Status Display -> Adjust Status Display to Individual Requirements

Activate the status, which you want to display, by default most of the status are deactivated.

You can cross check this configuration in both system, and then you can find out why you are not able to see the student status in other system

Hope it will solve your problem.

Thanks and Regards

Sudhir Gupta

Edited by: sudhir gupta on Dec 18, 2009 6:49 PM

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Hi Avinash,

I have met this problem,too.

Wanna know whether you have solved it yet.

Would you mind share the solution?


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Hi Avanish/ Hi Yiyan

A quick tip from my side. Try using the check box for 'Period' by providing the date range.

It may be possible that you are checking the status from current date and all the status may be recorded in different start date and end date.

Best Regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Avinash,

Did you already take a look at the note below:

Note 1128568 - customization entries missing for system statuses

Please apply this note. And re-check.

Beside this you could also compare the values in your systems from table T779W and T779X.

The status creation is triggered in the background via function modules entered intable T779W. Do you still have the standrad entries there?

Are there any customer function modules entered in table T779X for the same object type, infotype, actions for which there are standard entries in t779W? These would then overwrite the standard.

If these hint do not help, please raise an OSS and one of the colleagues will have a look.



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Hi Rob,


In our system student status is updating properly, but for some students status is not getting updated, when we tried to replicate the same not able to...

Is anything that you can help us.


Suresh K

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Hi All,

can anyone share the solution for this issue please,

that will be much appreciated.