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How to define default company code when not using from Org structure.

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i have folowing issue and want your help.

in HR organization structure we have two company.

one for normal university org. unit and another is for research related org. unit.

as you know i have to assign highest org. unit in campus management system

and we also got default company code from this org. unit.

the problem is when i assign company code to highest Org. unit and all the lower org. unit inherit company code and CM have no problem.

but HR have problem during action becuase when i assign position that belong to different company code there is inconststence between inherited company code and action company code. so i got an error.

in order to avoid this error when i do not assign company code to the highest org unit. HR works very well but in CM i got an default company code error.

in this case do we have alternative that i can assign in CM not from HR org unit.

your help would be appreciated.

jin dal


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Jin Dal,

I do not know if this helps you, but there is actually no requirement that your academic structure actually be ATTACHED to the 'HIORG'. For example, you can create a HIORG unit called 'Top SLCM Org' and assign it a company code. This company code is of course used when you create student accounts, for example. Then, the rest of your Academic Structure can just sit 'off to the side' (i.e. not reporting to the HIORG). Then, you don't need to assign any company code to the true academic structure. Just make sure you assign your main calendar both to the HIORG and to your Top Academic Structure Org Unit.


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in case you want to deal with multiple company codes in student accounting, you can use company code groups. You will then assign one "representative" company code to the high-org, but you can assign several valid company codes to it. It won't affect anything regarding your original question, but just in case you have a need for multi-company student accounting...



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A similar case we are handling and we are going to use a Badi to derive the company code for the calculation fee and also we will derive the business area.

These derivations will be dependent on Master Data, for example in the registration the student will have a field for the campus, then with that info the badi will derive the company code (GSBER). For the company code the derivation will depend on the SC. All this information will be in a Ztable.

The BAdI we are using is CMAC_DELTA_GENERATE

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there is a documentation available in the IMG on the "Fee Distribution to Several Company Codes" (it is in Student Accounting -> Fees -> Pricing -> Fee Distribution to Several Company Cods). The company code can be determined in the CO account assignment derivation. The BAdI CMAC_DELTA_GENERATE has actually a different purpose.