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Grace Marks

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Hi All,

I have a requirement from the client.

Students are given grace marks on the basis of certain conditions.

Where and how to capture this grace marks in the SLCM.

Also some times grace marks is not added in the total percentage, but students pass/fail only affected by the grace marks, so in this case how to control on the performance indices.

Please suggest.

Regards, Sudhir


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Could you please describe more clearly what you mean by 'grace marks'?

There is a field available in the appraisal data which is flag called 'not relevant'. It is a simple matter to mark this flag, and then use a filter in your performance indices so that appraisals with this flag are ignored. However, I am not sure that this is relaly what you are looking for.


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Hi Michael,

Grace marks is awarded to the student so that he could pass in a module, I explain you the scenario.

Suppose a module having 1-100 scale system, and minimum passing marks is 40 in that module and university awards max of 5 marks as grace marks in a module and max of 10 marks among 3 module.

Suppose a students gets marks 37,38 and 36 in three of the module, which is less than minimum passing marks in the modules. It means student is unable to pass the module.

But here University gives grace marks, so student is given grace marks 3,2,4 in modules respectively, so that his marks in the module is 40,40 and 40 (since university awards max of 5 marks as grace marks in a module and max of 10 marks among 3 module to reach the minimum passing marks).

My problem is that, where to capture this additional grace marks and how to add this grace marks with the actual marks, how to incorporate this grace marks in PI calculations??

Please suggest........

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Thank you for explaining the full usage model. This is now a very interesting and fun problem to solve! There may be other ways to address this, but here is a model that first jumps into my mind. I can only explain the outline here, so this should get you started as you work out the exact details.

1) Set up a default Appraisal Template in the system which has the Final Appraisal being a calculated value. The value would be the SUM of the 'Instructor Grade' and the 'Grace Mark Adjustment'. These would both be sub-appraisal types.

2) Now, you will also want to create a Performance Index calcuation (which would need a filter) to calculate the OVERALL grace marks awarded to a student. For some hints on how to calculate a performance index based on sub-appraisal values, just look at the cookbook for Mid-Term grades I posted in response to an earlier query. A search for 'mid-term GPA' should yield the results you need.

3) Finally, you would also have to implement the Appraisal Badi to ensure that grace marks are not exceeded when they are entered in the Appraisal UI. This Badi would then check the OVERALL grace marks PI from step 2.

OK, that should be a reasonable approach to implementing grace marks within the 'normal' usage of the system. Let us know how it works out!