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Function modules for Individual Work maintenance

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Hi all,

We're planning to use the functionality of individual work for our customer. And we're planning to use custom screens rather than GUI for creation, maintenance, deletion etc - as GUI screens seem to have some bugs (especially when you try to delete an individual from a student on PIQST00)

So are there any function modules (RFC if possible) related to individual works (for creation, maintenance, deletion etc)? I looked up some function modules but they didn't turn out to be as "functional" as we expected considering our requirements.

If no function module exists to meet our requirements, could you suggest any functional modules for its infotypes (for same purposes)?

Thanks in advance


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Hakan;

Please check SE37 and do a search with HRIQ_INDIV*. This will give you a list of FM's that you could check out. The following might be the closest to your needs: HRIQ_INDIVWORK_MAINTAIN

Kind regards


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Hello Rob,

Thanks for the reply!

Well I already checked those functions with starting HRIQ_INDIV. However none of them seemed to work for me. For instance, HRIQ_INDIVWORK_MAINTAIN. You cannot maintain (neither create ) individual work or anticipated submit date infotypes with that function I guess. Besides that, when I want to test the function and enter some import parameters it needs, let's say creating individual work - therefore opera = inse -, it directs me to Individual Work maintenance screen in module catalog in GUI with an pop-up error!

I need a function like HRIQ_RFC_MODULE_CREATE for instance when you are able to fill all infotypes related to a study modue... To give another example, I can say it can be HRIQ_ADV_ADVASSGNMT_CREATE_RFC when you are able to assign an advisor to a student with all the info needed just like you would do in PIQST00.

However, the function modules related to individual work are not as functional as the function modules I named above.

Should I go for infotype function modules?