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[event offering] how to overlap the resources?

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Is there any standard options that make available to overlap the resources?

I want to make two different SEs to be one class at a certain day.

but standard check overlap of resources so i cann't make it.

plz tell me how to solve it.

thank you in advance.


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Hi Seung,

can you clarify a little the scenario? How many Business events are you going to use? Why do you need to overlap resources?



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hi Diego,

Thank you for your reply.

A lecturer wants all students of his two different classes(SE1 & SE2) to participate in one lecture room

for testing at a certain day with same time.

So, I tried to make event resources with exceptional as below.

Made by regular schedule

SE1 - E1 - G1/ P

SE2 - E2 - G2/ P

=> Irregular schedule by added an exception schedule.

SE1 - E1 - G3/ P (date: 2009.06.10, time: 13:00~14:00)

SE2 - E2 - G3/ P (date: 2009.06.10, time: 13:00~14:00)

but Standard always check an overlap of resources.

how about FM RH_ALLOCA(Customer Enhancement for Resource Reservations) ?

can it be the solution for this ?



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Seung, maybe I am missing somthing from the scenario you are explaining, but why don't you create a different Business Event for the test, in the needed date and time, and attach that Business Event to SE1 and SE2?

The students will take their lecture at E1 and E2, and the exam toghether at E3, let's say...