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Double degree scenario

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The client wants to track a student admitted to a 3-year major programme in Information Engineering (IEG). In his/her 3rd year, the student decides to opt for a second degree in Business Administration (BBA).

The student must complete his/her first degree in IEG first. If the student fulfills the requirements for a second degree in BBA, he/she will take an additional year (4th year) to complete the second degree.

Do we need to register him for the other program as well.Any pointers how to achieve this?


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hey,I wonder what should we do. I am also facing a similar scenario.

Perhaps it becomes more challeging if we have to perform audit for such scenarios.

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Mostly this depends upon whether the second degree is fixed, or if it could be one of many based upon the student's choice.

In the former case, it might make sense to use a staged program, where the student earns the first degree at the end of the first stage. You can even do stage audits. However, if they don't make this choice until they have completed their first degree, then I would argue that they have completed their first program of study, and are entering another one. The pre-requisite for entering the second program is completion of the first (or at least having the requisite degree). That is simple enough to check with your admissions rules (either with Admissions Audit or with VSR).


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Hi Deepak,

Iam just sharing my views. If the student wants to take a second degree , registration to 2 different programs is required .

When admitting or registering to the program use VSR 's for BBA , so ur requirements would be satisfied .

In some cases modules may be common , in that case u have to think how u have to u want to use the grades .. for that module .