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CROA Filtering issues

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I'm trying to filter on a measure object, but it will not allow me to filter on it. I tried changing it to dimensions, but when I write the IF statement it only executes one side of the rule and not the other. For example, if I do an IF statement like this: If (object value) >= 15 Then "Yes" Else "No. When I try to filter on this I only see the "Yes or "No" in the filter box for me to add to the filtering box. I really need to see both "Yes" And "No" so I can filter on it correctly. I hope this make sense. Thanks in advance

Example of what I'm trying to do. I'm using the Sum Column, "Course Credits", which sums up to 21 and creating another measure variable called "Course Credit 2", to display this sum. From here, I'm creating another variable called, "Test 6" to make the condition on "Course Credit 2". Now I want to filter on the "Yes" and "No". This is where my troubles begins.

The below figure depicts what I'm experiencing . I only see "No" in the filter box but not "Yes", which as you can see in the figure above there is "Yes" in the "Test 6 Row", but it's not displaying as an option in the box. Help.