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Changing CS object of a module booking

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Students, who pursue multiple programs concurrently and are enrolled in a dual degree program, have more than one CS study object. He/she can take modules from both programs. However there was a mistake in module registration (in live system) and we have to change CS relationship from one study to the other. Since the module appraisal is already completed, we couldn't deregister this module booking and register for the correct program of study. How can we change the CS relationship in 1724 infotype with standard functionality? We can develop a program using function modules however I wonder if it exists already in SAP standard.

Any ideas will be appreciated.



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Hi Gokhan,

at least in EHP 4 and later the following is possible:

step 1.

In PP01 select the old CS-Object and go to the overrview of infotype instances of IT 1724 (module usage CS).

Delete the infotypes you want to be used by another CS-Object of the student.

step 2.

Then go to the other CS object and create the infotypes 1724 there one by one with process PR12 (manually).

In the popup for the academic work you can select the former deleted academic work because after step 1 they are not related to a CS object any more.

academic work itself remains unchanged, only usage infotypes (1724) are deleted and created


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   I will suggest you to  delete old academic work and create new academic work using Transaction code PIQSTAW10.


Prabhat Singh