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Change the validity date of an specific IT in a OU

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Hello Experts,

This is a very rare case I have, I have a OU which validity date changed (it was delimited before and then re-opened) all ITs were reactivated with it except for IT1002. There is an specific subtype there from my Company, but it has a rule in table T777Z saying this specific subtype can only be created once.

So I cannot edit it, copy it or delete it.... I definitely need that subtype to be active again, however I have no authorizations to maintain tables and I have tried all posible transactions with no luck, my IT team refuses to change the configuration for the table, any advise?

**At this point even a "good luck" would be appreciated.....


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Hello Anna, a couole of questions:

1. what's IT's argument for not changing the customizing definition (rule in T777Z)? Which is the reason for having defined the rule that way?

2. would IT accept a unique exception where you change the rule in T777Z, make the change, and then return to the original rule? To do this, you shouldn't create a second record for the subtype but just extend the enddate of the original.

Kind regards,