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Billing types i IS HER

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Dear All,

I have billing prosesses in project as normal invoice, credit memos vs. To manage billing process in IS-HER:

Should I define "billing types" like "invoice f1", "rebate credit memo" etc? How?



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Please check the following Student Accounting documents in our BPX:

[original link is broken]

This will provide you the necessary (basic) information about Student Accounting/FICA.

Hope this helps,


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There are multiple ways to create billing statements in SAP. You can use the Invoice function or you can create your own smartform or Adobe form. You can code logic to present the information you want to see and how you want it displayed. You do have to link the form and form class to the account statement. You can use FPCC0002 - Create Account Statements to create the statements and FPCOPARA - Print to print the statement. We also have a supplemental page that we print with the first bill to the student, instructing the student on our payment plan.


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I mentioned about another subject. In SAP SD, several billing types are used. For ex. F1, F2, RE etc. Are there any similar usage in IS HER? If answer is yes, how?

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Use the following IMG Path to create invoices in Student Accounting:

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable>Business Transactions>Invoicing>Define Invoice Types. You define the various invoice types that you need in this view. The Invoice Types determines the items to be printed and also what the Invoice looks like.

An Application Form is assigned to each Invoice Type and this determines the layout of the specific invoice.

The Correspondence Type for Invoices is: P004 (Public Sector Bill). IMG Path: *Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable>Basic Functions>Correspondence>Define Correspondence Types*



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Dear Patricia,

Thanks a lot. This is a useful information. Normally I am a SD consultant that is why I am living a confusion in IS HER.

There is a function in sd: IMG - Sales and Distribution - Billing - Billing Documents - Define Billing Types. Have we got any relation with these kinds of billing types in IS HER or only fee calculation is enough? Are fee calculation in IS HER, and billing in SD (transaction VF01), identical functions


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These Billing Types in SD do not have any relation to IS-HER. All required functionality for student billing is contained within FI-CA. To generate invoices for students, use the menu path: Student Accounting>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable>Periodic Processing>For Contract Accounts>Correspondence>FMCAM2 - Generate Invoices / FPCOPARA - Print .

Alternatively, you can use the menu path: Student Lifecycle Management>Correspondence>Correspondence Generation & Correspondence Printing

As of EHP3 an Implementation Accelerator was introduced called "Student Term Bill". This is a new invoice Form containing the following:

- Debit or Credit Amount the student has for a particular term/academic session

- All term activity and estimated financial aid postings,with outstanding items summarized by due date

- Program and Course registrations for the student.

You can send this as a statement to the student at the end of each Term - for example.

Hope this is helpful.



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Thanks Patricia!