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Assign Student to Portal user

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Hi All,

When trying to execute BSP application "piq_audit" it gives a menu with options like

Degree Audit:Expert View (With Ref. to Processes)

Degree Audit:Expert View

Degree Audit:Ext.Maintenance (With Ref. to Processes)

Degree Audit:Extended Maintenance

Degree Audit:Student View (With Ref. to Processes)

Degree Audit:Student View

Stage Audit:Expert View (With Ref. to Processes)

Stage Audit:Expert View

Stage Audit:Ext.Maintenance (With Ref. to Processes)

Stage Audit:Extended Maintenance

Stage Audit:Student View (With Ref. to Processes)

Stage Audit:Student View

When we click any of the links its throwing an error like

" User ID <portal user id> is not assigned to any student "

How exactly do we assign portal user to Student??



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Go to student master data there is a button called user create. Hit that button it will create student user id. I am hoping your Functional counter part already configured all necessary steps in IMG related to user id.

Prabhat Singh

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