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Appraisal Template with Event Package instead of Module

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Hi folks ,

Thanks for your continuous support.

In our university we have have Appraisal Templates at Event Package Level (A, B, C) as shown below in the diagram.

Each Event Package may have different evaluation items and weights. SAP standard is at Module level. Kindly guide how to implement it.


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Hi Muhammad,

the appraisal template is assigned to module as the module is the object which is appraised, the object where you assign the grades to.

Can you describe the process and reason why you would like to assign appraisal template to event package.

Thanks and regards,

Silke Jakobi

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Thanks for response. In existing business model in semester system there could be different teacher assigned to each Event Package. Each teacher has the liberty to define his own criteria to evaluate his students. Result are also maintained at the package level. Contents, objectives and outcome is the same as of module, but evaluation methods may be different.

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Hi Muhammad,

you maintain an appraisal template according to your needs and assign this to the module. It is defined via event, exam and module who will aprraise which appraisal type. Hence you most likely would do this via the assignments of teachers to event.

If you maintain results on event package level then you must have an own custom development. In standard of SLcM this is not supported.

Best regards,


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Dear Muhammed,

By seeing your requirement, you have one subject appraised by three different people. You can have different options:

1. You can define three different assessments and assign it to subject. Create multiple Appraisers and assign it in PIQSMFU.

2. You can explore co -requisite relationship b/w modules. Here you create 3 modules A, B, C with co-requisite relation ship . Assign SE (Event Package ) to each modules and create assessment with Appraiser for each subject .

Event Package is attached to a subject for which in evaluation infotype, you define Appraisal template, which has all assessments associated with that subject.

Thanks & Regards,