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after deregistration fee calculation still calculating same amount

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When I register a student to a SC, feecalculation is working without any problem, but when I delete the registration fee calculation is still calculating same amount.



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First are you using as one of your first items in your table - Booking Status?? Our tables start with Academic Year, Session, Booking Status, etc.

Are you deregistering the student from the SC or the Registration for the session? It you are deregistering the SC then you must have a 0575 100% time limit in the Academic Calendar or a 0595 50% time limit in the Academic Calendar. So the system knows how far into the session to refund at 100% or 50%. If you are attaching a Module fee or Event Package Fee using module fee category or Event fee Category, then you need a refund conditon record in configuration. You have to set up the refund from the condition table , access sequence all the way down through Condition records -- just like you do the fee. We start our Refund codes with an R and our Tuition and fees with a Z. Example Chemistry fee RCHE for refund and ZCHE for the Chemistry fee. We have cancelation reasons of 0001 (Administrative 0%), 0002 student cancellation - 0% , Reinstatement NP 100%, the 0501 Admin -50% refund , 0502 student 50% refund, 1001- Admin 100%, 1002- Student 100%. Then I have have to in RCHE condition record - enter each condition record I have to put in each cancelation reason I want to refund from.

Cancelation record amount Unit Calcuat. Type

0003 100.000- % A then to and from dates

0501 50.000- % A then to and from dates


If it is a module fee this might help