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Account assignment to grant is not supported...pls help

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Hi Guru's,

In t-code PIQST00 student file,I can see the fee calculation for the student.

while posting the same, iam getting the error message as follows;-

"Account assignment to grant is not supported"

Pls hlep me, i have assigned the grant in the FMDERIVE and also in GMDERIVE.

In the Student master file, in the GRANT Assignment tab, i have mentioned the required data,i,e

assigned Grant and internally managed also.

I can able to post the Budget DOC in Grant.

Hope ,if i post the Student Doc in SLCM(t-code PIQST00 ), for the Grant amount entered in Student, it will reduce the amount of Grant created in the Budget?


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Dear Pradeep,

These are few notes which should solve the problem, some of them are also for overwriting PO account assignment in Service Entry Sheets:

977363 New manual FM account assignment incorrectly overwritten --> (specially this one)

1041730 FM Account Assignments objects are not correctly determined

1077529 RFFMCHAT incorrectly calls FMDERIVE instead of reassignment

1146677 Service Entry Sheet FM account assignment inherited from PO

The GM postings will all appear in FI/CO ledgers as well as the special ledger 90 for Grants which is reflected in tables GMIA and GMIT. Are you done with Account assignment in ledger FAGLFLEXT or do you still need to activate FMGLFLEXT (Public sector orientated ledger) set up.


Vinod Kumar

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not yet