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On July 31st I had the opportunity to represent SAP at a vibrant university startup showcase in Chicago.

DePaul University’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center along with Michigan State University, Purdue University, and University of Illinois System's Discovery Partners Institute hosted the event at 1871 to explore the best university startups in Chicago. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni from each of the universities were invited to attend along with anyone interested in the innovation ecosystem. Each university selected five student teams and each team had a display table to talk about their business idea. I was able to vote for my favorite business idea from each university. The top team receiving the most votes from each university then competed in a live 5-minute pitch with Q&A before the judges who awarded $8000 to the Final Four Teams.

Three of these schools are members of SAP University Alliances and the other is an active prospect for joining our community. This event served as a great way to connect with the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Chicago and showcase the best student startups from these fine universities.

The companies competing at the Final Four Business Pitch are listed below.

DePaul University

Greenwood Project, Bevon Joseph,

Universala Esports, Esteban Perez,

Damned Damsels, Meghan Conwell,

Neon Jungle, Mike Schulz,

Digital Springboard, Lance Sanderson,


Michigan State University

Lingco Language Labs, Seth Killian,

Agile Care Solutions, Bailey Paxton,

Hidlo Studios, James Shockley,

Vloggle, Michael Jajou,

Every Two Minutes, Erin Rose and Kayla Schindler,


Purdue University

MediTrak Life, Humphrey Kanyoke,

Spirrow Therapeutics, David Arick,

Froyo Xpress, Robert Marek Davis,

Leo Aerospace, Dane Ruby,

Predictive Wear, Dane Albaugh,


University of Illinois System

Addit, Matt Hutchison,

Displayone, Eddy Mejia,

Ringwing, Benjamin Khachaturian,

Snapclips, Martin Dimitrov,

Vitrix Health, Aashay Patel,