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SAP IS - HT for Licensing

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Hello Team,

We are planning a demo for a Big Licensing Company about SAP IS-HT and its uses. We have activates the Switch also for IS-HT.

Can any one help with Basic documentation to start the Demo on Licensing and related activities.


Arvind Kottu


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Dear Arvind,

IS-HT is not to be positioned to any client since 15 years. It is out of maintenance, only the documentation is still available in Help Portal.

Please refrain from positioning it.

If you need help on licensing and entitlements, I suggest you reach out to me and I get you in touch with our expert that can point to alternatives.


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Hello Petzel, Thanks for your reply, We are going to use some standard processes as client is interested in having them. Do help us with Licensing and entitlements part as a part of Standard ECC. It would be a great help.

We had implemented  a licensing scenario to a major technology distributor. I would start working in similar lines, would love to check your ways of handling Licensing.

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Hi Arvind:

Thanks for reaching out to us. Please send me an email with more context and use cases that is of interest to customer. I will also provide some thoughts on where we stand with our old SW add-on solution which is part of the DIMP solution. You can reach me at