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High Volume Order Management and Billing

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Hi Experts,

We are implementing SAP as backend for one of the company where for Online sale we use front end software which does order management and billing. Financial postings are send to SAP via interface. In some countries billing software should be certified by legal authorities. Our order management software is not certified but SAP is . Due to some more limitations of frontend software we now have to move order management and billing into SAP ERP for our online sales as well.

Due to other important and critical business reason as well, intention is to implement SAP BRIM along with IS Retail.

However as order management is also to be handled in SAP, system performance becomes a key issue (volume expected is around 25000-40000 orders per day per market). We will have around 50 markets in future. We intend to use classical SD functionality for Order management.

Now the question is, if we can use SAP convergent Invoicing as an option to handle such volumes in this scenario with classical SD . Is there any solution engine available in SAP BRIM to handle these kinds of Volume. OR is there any better way of handling such high volumes of Order and billing

Any suggestion in this regard is very much appreciated.

Best Regards



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Hi Kan,

SAP Convergent Invoicing should be able to handle these volumes. In the latest version it even can be combined with SD billing/FI-AR (no FI-CA required).

Nevertheless the complete process you envision is not clear to me, especially how you would like to combine SAP Convergent Invoicing with SD order management. Feel free to send me an e-mail so that we can connect and disuss that.

Best regards

Ulf Guttmann

Solution Manager for the High Tech industry  


mail: ulf.guttmann(at)