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High Tech companies are leveraging SAP solutions &  people to help  tame uncertainty & risk. 

As someone working in the high tech industry, your job is simple right?

I mean, all you have to do is:

  1. Drive Profitable growth with flexible sales and revenue models
  2. Deliver Innovative products at volume rapidly and globally
  3. And reduce your supply chain operational costs while improving your on-time delivery

Simple, right? 

Imagine if it were.  Best run businesses deploy technology and process best practices that help them:

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more, ask your SAP Account Executive to facilitate a meeting with one of our High Tech Industry Principals.  The industry value team meets with our customers’ executives on a regular basis to understand how industry trends are impacting our customers’ businesses.  Understanding and solving our customers’ business challenges is core to who we are.  SAP goes to market by industry, providing end to end solutions to business’ biggest challenges.  Our Principals are in an excellent position to discuss current trends, industry best practices and benchmarks, and the potential value you may be leaving on the table.

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About the Author

Patrick Maroney is a Principal within SAP America’s Industry Solution Group. In this role, he works closely with SAP customers to help understand the impacts of business trends on their processes and the use of technology in order to help drive business improvements. Patrick has a background in industrial engineering and business transformation consulting. Since 1992, Patrick has been working with the management teams of leading manufacturing companies on improving their processes and leading business transformation initiatives.