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subscreen mapping needed: between viewid and program with dynpro nr

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Hi there,

for some mandatory field checking for NV2000 I want to read from screen modification.

I am not within NV2000 transaction, but on some inbound process for data being loaded via proxy mechanism.

What I would like to use are the function modules ISH_READ_DYNP_FIELDS and ISH_MODIFIED_FIELD in order to get all active and mandatory fields for the subscreens of a given NV2000 variant.

In order to do so, I need the program name of the module pool and the dynpro number of the subscreen (compare input fields for the above mentioned function modules).

I have got the workplace information, i.e. workplaceid (i.e. variant) and workplacetype.

From this I can get the subscreens, calling function module ISH_WP_ENJADM_WPLACE_READ, selecting only those views that are of type subscreen. The subscreens I get are viewid's.

So now my question: How can I get from the view Id's (e.g. SAP_NAM) to the corresponding module pool program (e.g. SAPLNPA2) and dynpro number (e.g. 0200).

Thank you a lot in advance!

best regards,



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Hi There,

well, I finally found out myself.

just if anyone is interested or has got a similar problem, look into include MNPA10F30, form determine_subscr.

For SAP subscreends there is a quite non-generic hard coded approach, for custom subscreens you get a more genic approach.