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Need IS-H interface documentation

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I needed description of the IS-H interface. Someone can help me here! Thanks with regards,



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hello Heinz,

what kind of interface are you referring to?

- User Interface(UI)?

- application programming interface(API)?

- externally available services(RFCs, BAPIs, Webservices, Enterprise Services)?



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Short description which we want!

Patient’s dates are administrated in IS-H. Patient’s dates are transferred to our system by IS-H interface. Examples are admission, transfer or discharge of a patient. A transfer back of dates is not planned at this step. At this step just reading from IS-H is possible.

We are developing specified modules like

NCaSol - Nursing Care Solution

MedCaSol - Medical Care Solution

WCaSol - Wound Care Solution

CCaSol - Critical Care Solution

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Hello Heinz,

currently, (outbound) messaging of IS-H data is achieved using the HCM framework, featuring a number of standard message types and supporting (a rather old) HL7 version, a proprietary format called HCM and some case specific EDIFACT messages.

The (german) documentation can be found <a href="">here</a>



(click the little arrows right to the header to get the full tree view)

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Anton Wenzelhuemer

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Heinz,

in addition to the mentioned HCM documentation, there is also documentation for Business APIs that you can find <a href="">here</a> (follow SAP for Healthcare -> Guides).

In accordance with SAP's Enterprise SOA strategic we are also working on the delivery of enterprise services (that are technically web services) in different healthcare specific areas like Patient Administration and Resource Planning and Scheduling. The <a href="">wiki</a> might give you an idea what will come in this area. Do you have a specific IHE transaction im mind?

best regards, Bettina