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clinical History

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Good afternoon, somebody knows if some report exists where brings me the data (Patient, Faith.consul., Hour, Episode, Name, Name of the insurance company, clinical History, Telephone, Nº document)


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do you think that someone is answering that question to a person who uses the name of a malicious computer worm as user name?

this is supposed to be a serious and professional forum, so please pay respect to that.


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Dear Anton, if to vos what you worry about is user's name, and not the content of my consultations, I don't see which is the seriousness and professionalism that you say of the forum.

Since my consultations, I believe they are really serious and professionals.

If you want I can change the login for vos and I am considered this way SERIOUS and PROFESSIONAL, since that name chose it because I was one from the points to which harmed him and for that reason that I am so engraving.