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Business makes the world go ‘round on the latest Top 5. It can be easy to forget that professional sports teams are businesses that can also run better; even the most career-driven people need a boost sometimes; and focus on key education fields will help more people find highly skilled work around the world. Read on to learn more.

The numbers don't lie; NBA teams need strategies off the court too.

What Businesses Can Learn From the NBA Finals

Sports and Entertainment is SAP’s newest line of business. benjamin.hancock crunches NBA statistics to see how professional basketball teams stack up as businesses.

New Healthcare Research Tool Is A Shot In The Arm for Personalized Medicine

Big Data analytics is helping healthcare providers develop personalized treatments that target illnesses in ways never before possible. derek.klobucher pokes and prods a new research tool powered by SAP HANA that could revolutionize medicine.

Top 6 Tips to Kick Start Your Career

If you spend a week attending events and workshops about career development, health and diversity, you’re bound to learn a few things about flying high in your profession. HR guru grace.chiu did exactly that, and she bestows some valuable and insightful pearls of wisdom here.

Help Wanted: What good is job creation if we can’t find people with the right skills to fill them?

The world will need more than half a billion new jobs by 2020, but a lack of workers with the necessary skills and training may be the biggest obstacle to meeting that goal. susan.galer3 skillfully describes how renewed focus on teaching science, technology, and other fields can help everyone live up to the promise of innovation.

Creating Brand Awareness on a Bigger Scale

Extending a brand on any level, from local to global, requires tools such as brand identity, advertising and social media tactics, but it isn’t always so simple. Partner up with h.marino as he raises awareness of how to sustainably scale to a mass audience despite a dwindling budget.

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