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The healthcare industry is at an inflection point in its evolution and is now ripe for more rapid adoption of innovative technology. And this isn’t just marketing speak.

The Cloud is already offering and will continue to support the infrastructure in reducing the burdens bottlenecking the industry in recent years. Just like it is now easier for individual consumers to live mobile but connected lives with cloud-based storage programs, or its easier for retailers to manage their business with cloud-based and integrated customer targeting tools, the cloud is making it easier for healthcare clinicians to focus more of their time on enhancing and advancing patient care.

By driving business value and operational efficiencies, cloud technology can rapidly accelerate healthcare organizations to better serve its end consumer, the patient.

Tantalized by that potential, many healthcare organizations have already begun adopting cloud solutions. Just like in any new frontier, there are challenges and best practices that are already forming with adopting cloud in healthcare. Another blog from a recent patient experience highlights one aspect of how care can be better delivered leveraging the cloud.

At SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW Conference next week June 3-5, we will be engaging with healthcare organizations in a two-way dialogue on how business value & operational efficiency is a critical factor driving the need for the cloud and how organizations are quickly adopting cloud solutions at the session “Shape the Future of Healthcare in the Cloud”. I highly encourage healthcare IT and Business Executives to attend the session to learn from both us and your peers.

In addition, there are several healthcare-specific sessions led by our customers and partners, including “Advance Healthcare Innovation Through Powerful Analytics”, “Deliver Value-Based Care”, and “Learn Why the Path to HR Success in Healthcare Starts in the Cloud.” The full list is found here.

Please also follow us on Twitter at #SAPPHIRENOW and @Sap_Healthcare and share your ideas and impressions with us at this year’s SAPPHIRE and ASUG Conference.