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Perth, the fourth most populous city in Australia, is home to about 1.97 million people and serves as a cultural hub to the western coast of the continent.

The newly opened Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, a suburb of Perth,  is Western Australia’s third major hospital and the State Government’s largest building project (to date) weighing in at $2 billion.

Fiona Stanley Hospital holds 6300 rooms and 783 beds, 83% of which are single occupancy. The institution is committed to leading in research and education as well as delivering comprehensive clinical services.  It includes an intensive rehabilitation service and mental health unit, and is also designed to have a healing and therapeutic effect on patients.  There are five hectares of natural bush-land, landscaped parks, and internal gardens on campus.

Click here for a virtual tour of this incredible hospital:

Research and Education

Determined to improve the socioeconomic and health outcomes for Western Australians, Fiona Stanley Hospital forms the nucleus of an integrated health, education, and research center.

The hospital partners with five different research universities and institutes and includes an education facility to provide a broad range of programs to students and staff across all health disciplines. The education and training unit provides in depth schooling to allied health, medical, nursing, and non-clinical staff.  The hospital also includes a telehealth system to provide state of the art education for those unable to physically visit the hospital’s campus.

All Hands on Deck

It’s undeniable that hospitals would fail without the doctors and nurses who care for and heal patients. However, hundreds of nonclinical employees also work to keep Fiona Stanley Hospital running successfully.

1,000 Open Positions

To ensure that the hospital would open smoothly on October 4, 2014, over 1000 positions for 25 nonclinical services needed to be filled.  To help staff these departments (including administration, waste management, corporate services, catering, security, information technology, etc) the Western Australia Department of Health hired Serco Group, an international service company.

Using SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing solutions, Serco was able to identify and attract the appropriate talent to staff Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Potential candidates easily applied via mobile devices and social networks, and because the hiring process was largely automated through the system, there’s more time for face-to-face interaction between potential employee and employer.

A Promising Future

The hospital is off to a successful start. The various departments of the Fiona Stanley Hospital are opening through a phased approach. The first two phases opened as planned during the end of 2014.  The third and fourth phases will go live in 2015.   Just an hour and a half after the maternity and gynecology departments officially opened, the first baby was born at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Western Australia’s Premier, Colin Barnett actually made a special appearance to visit the newborn.

Because the SuccessFactors cloud solutions provided Serco with a standardized and simple recruitment process, the hospital will continue to utilize Serco to staff their nonclinical positions.  Currently, Serco is measuring the key metrics associated with the recruiters and those hired. This will ensure that Fiona Stanley Hospital continues to staff only the best talent for each job.

To learn more about Serco Group and its engagement with SAP SuccessFactors, watch the video interview and check out the Business Transformation Slide and Reference Slide

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