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I recently received a call to schedule an MRI appointment, and I was a bit confused because I had just had an MRI.  So when I spoke with the appointment
scheduler, I asked him who had made the request and I asked him whether he knew why this was requested since I just had one a month ago.  He looked on his system and saw that yes, I had just had an MRI, but then he didn’t know more than that, so I had to phone the specialist back to get it straightened out.  Turns out I guess, that the surgeon had forgotten to write down the part about having an MRI a year from now. 

So when will healthcare providers consistently stop using paper and just enter orders directly into a system with ease?  When will my healthcare providers be able to look at my medical history anytime, anywhere, in an easily viewable format?  When will I be able to do this?  When will I receive data-driven, real-time, personalized healthcare?  When will we get to value-based care?

To get where healthcare delivery needs to be, we need to collaborate, partner, and co-innovate. SAPPHIRE NOW allows healthcare providers to share ideas and learn from SAP’s ecosystem:

  • How can SAP HANA change my healthcare delivery options and streamline operations?
  • How do I bring my healthcare organization to the cloud and lowers costs?  Is my data secure?
  • How can I make better use of healthcare data to make better decisions and to deliver better care?
  • Is it easy to deploy mobility in my healthcare organization?  Where do I start?
  • How am I able to provide my customers a better healthcare experience?

At SAPPHIRE NOW, you will get the opportunity to network with industry peers, to talk to SAP partners, to touch and feel the latest healthcare solutions and technology innovations.  It’s a tremendous opportunity to get a vision of the possibilities for your healthcare organization.

The SAP for Healthcare team looks forward to seeing you at SAPPHIRE in Orlando, June 3-5. Register at