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How would your Health Sciences business benefit from the ability to provide one stop service including genomic data analysis of cancer patients to support personalized patient therapeutics?

SAP HANA is making it happen for Health Sciences customers. By combining SAP HANA and Hadoop to store, pre-process, compute, and analyze huge amounts of data, and by providing access to a breadth of predictive analytics libraries, organizations are seeing the following benefits:

  1. Provide a one-stop service including genomic data analysis of cancer patients to support personalized patient therapeutics
  2. Determine the correct and best treatment for patients in half the time
  3. Strengthen position in budget negotiations with health insurers
  4. Increase profits and competitive advantage by speeding research and improving patient support

And the technology has applications for Health Sciences organizations far beyond genomic data.

  • Imagine…making the most up-to-date patient data available to medical doctors and researchers so that they can access all the data across multiple sources anytime while they are visiting patients anywhere in or outside of the hospital.
  • Imagine…collecting, filtering and controlling data much faster for teaching and/or driving research.
  • Imagine… shortening the waiting time for patients while improving the productivity of health service staff.
  • Imagine… gathering insights from patients to cost-effectively improve quality of care and in turn ensuring that treatments are personalized.

Health Sciences organizations are doing all of this and more today with HANA.

Learn more about how Health Sciences organizations are gaining competitive advantage by  “Maximizing the Value of Clinical and Operational Data through In-Memory Computing” at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando on Tuesday, May 14 from 2:00 – 2:45pm, an Industries and Lines of Business Microforum (IL124).

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