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Proportionate rebate accrual for sales independent rebate

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Hi Guru,

We are using sales independent rebate agreement process by posting manual accruals. But some activities are running across two months and hence want to post the proportionate accrual for different two periods.

Example: If rebate agreement activity validity period is 21.01.2015 to 20.02.2015 then want to post 11 days accrual value in 01.2015 posting period and 20 days accrual value 02.2015 posting period.

If rebate value is 1000.00 then accrual should be 354.83 in 01.2015 and 645.17 in 02.2015 posting period.(1000/31 days = 32.25 per day value)* no of days in particular month.

Kindly share your expert advise.




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Hello Shamrao,

I'm not quite sure to what your question is specifically related. In principle in Standard Rebate there are no restrictions for the scenario you described; manual accruals (as well as payments) are possible and are not subject to any restrictions.

The situation is different when using the Extended Rebate Processing. In the Extended Rebate manual accruals and manual payments are no longer possible because of the VARKEYS. With each invoice the VARKEY is written to the s469 table. For manual accruals / payments they cannot be assigned.

Best regards,