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Technology is transforming the way consumer products manufacturers and retailers are doing business. Technologies that allows capturing of Point Of Sale (POS) and internal supply chain data is used to monitor the billions of transactions that these industries generate each day. This has resulted in a massive (and rapid) increase in the volume, variety and velocity of unstructured data, or “Big Data”. Companies now have the opportunity to capitalize on this enormous amount of data to gain insights into their businesses and transform the way they work. Big Data is useful in managing pricing and promotions, making better sales forecasts, more accurate inventory management, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

In this webinar, experts from SAP, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) will lead a discussion on the opportunities that exist for consumer products companies to use this data to maximize revenue, volume and profitability for both consumer products companies and their retailer partners. The webinar will also address questions around how firms are currently poised with the existing infrastructure and processes and what it would take to leverage Big Data effectively, the adoption challenges, analytics capabilities and other areas.

Register today to hear how you can capitalize on Big Data to gain insights into your business and transform the way you work.

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